понеделник, 25 октомври 2010 г.

my trip to Venice- part II

The pigeons are so contacts .

They are like army...

... insolents

...but beautifull !

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  1. Very beautiful series !
    I really like this, with lots of humor ! :))
    I like the second picture with the shadows of pigeons is my favorite !


  2. Thank you Mahon :")
    Be my guest - i enjoy with your post

  3. Nice. Very nice pics. But please take my advice. Change your template, choose another one and make this blog WIDER. Then you share this pics wider too, bigger. They're lovely, they don't deserve to be shown so little as stamps.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty through your eyes.

  4. :")
    Thanks Frida Kahlo i'll take your advice.
    I'm happy from your words and the pleasure is mine when i look at in your blog. :")